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Connected Care

Home Companion Care Services for Seniors & the Elderly

Finding the right personal caregiver is more than having someone to complete daily tasks. We take pride in pairing the perfect senior home companion who can connect with the client on a personal, and caring level. Home companions create a personalized plan of care shaped by our experience and training and informed with valuable input from you and your loved one. We all work together to promote physical safety and well-being while supporting emotional health.

At Truevine Home Healthcare, we strive to create lasting relationships that engage, enrich, and brighten the days of every senior we visit.

What Is Companionship Care?

Elder companion care is a home-based service that improves the lives of seniors living at home. Our companion caregivers provide a close connection that encourages seniors to stay active physically and mentally. From playing their favorite card games to reliving treasured memories, personal caregivers provide warm social contact that staves off loneliness, depression, and inactivity.

Personal companions for the elderly lend a listening ear and help with preventative care. This can range from preparing healthy meals to encouraging mentally and physically stimulating activities that support long-term health and vigor.

Other Common companion caregiver duties often include:

Emotional Support, Comfort, & Friendship

Being social is essential at any age and helps maintain good mental healthy. Unfortunately, many seniors are at risk of isolation which leaves them feeling empty and depressed. These emotions are often worsened after the loss of a spouse, or a friend, or changes in abilities to continue socializing. By spending time with a caregiver, your loved one will have a meaningful social connection and can partake in the activities they enjoy. These activities bring the joy and mental stimulation that seniors need to stay healthy and vital.

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